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Misty Beach Blue and Gray


A misty gloomy beachday when the air is pregnant with water. You feel the salty breeze and know it is going to rain anytime soon. But it is so nice and calming by the shore. Enjoy the digitally painted print...

Early Morning Strole in the Woods


Early 'morning birds' must recognize this sight. The sun glaring through the trees. Beautifull sunbeams portrait a mythical scene. You want to save this wonderfull expirience forever as it can be experienced only once in a while. Well here it...

Ballerina Blue


Exceptional digital art by Humphrey Isselt. Digital painting of a ballerina balancing effortlessly on her toes.

Autumn Lane


Mother nature photography by Ingrid Hütten. A strole through the forest in a sunny afternoon, most leafes are blown away, but a little color is left for me to remember the abundance of summer.

Wintermorning at Brandeleane


A wide ditch separates the forest from the fields. The bridge connecting both shows the rising sun in a wintermorning. In my morning walks I search for this moment to be here, to see the sun through the trees lightening...

Dutch Landscape, by Ingrid Hütten


A country road through fields, oaks giving shades from the afternoon sun.

At the lake


Mother Nature Photography by Ingrid Hütten. Looking through the trees you can get a glimp of the lake behind.The April sun makes you linger for summer, the lake invites you to sail or swim. The blue tones of the sky...