Where are you located?

SENSUS-Studio is located in Heerenveen in the Netherlands: Rindert van Zinderen Bakkerweg 15 | 8448 RJ | Heerenveen.

Who runs SENSUS?

SENSUS is run by Ingrid Hütten and Humphrey Isselt. Ingrid is photographer and musician. Humphrey is a painting artist, author and Integral coach.

Why are the sizes of the art so big?

SENSUS uses mockups for the presentation of our art. This is to show the art as detailed as possible. SENSUS sells predefined sizes. If you would prefer a different size, please contact us: 

Are the painting and images framed?

No, the mockup presentations of the art is a presentation to give an impression of the art in a homely surroundig. The Canvas printed works can be delivered in plain frames. The prices are different for each size of the art work. Maximum of the deliverd frame is 100x80.  

What are the possibilities for payment?

In general SENSUS-Studio has a automatic checkout where you will be presented with payment choices. These are IDEAL, credit card and PayPal. In the near future payment with Bitcoin will also be accepted.

To which countries do you ship?

SENSUS uses third parties to ship our packages. These third parties determine which couriers are the most suitable for shipment. SENSUS ships to The United States, Canada and Europe. If you have special requests please contact us via:

Is there a possibility for speed delivery?

Yes it possible. Be mindful that the shipping costs will increase with speed delivery.  Send SENSUS an email with your request: 

How to return a package?

Please read SENSUS-studio's refund policies for information.

What to do with damaged goods?

Please read the refund policy.

SENSUS STUDIO brings Art, joy
and happiness into your life, with high quality products designed by
Exceptional Art Humphrey Isselt and Mother Nature Photography Ingrid
Hütten. Sensus Studio is initiated by Ingrid Hütten and Humphrey Isselt.
Our purpose is to inspire you and evoke the feeling of happiness and
relaxation into your life . This we do by offering our products,
specially designed by Sensus Studio, wich make you feel special and
exclusive, and by sharing our expertise and experience .

Ingrid is a piano and harp teacher, composer and photographer/designer.
Humphrey is an author, Painting artist/designer and integral coach.

SENSUS is the place where warmth and geniality is, creating room for
development and exchange.

Exhibitions of Exceptional Art and Mother Nature Photography

Sensus method

Workshops, meditation- and sound-concerts.

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