SENSUS method

    With SENSUS METHOD, Author Humphrey Isselt, is the method to connect your brain with your feelings. Happiness is a feeling that your brain evokes when you fulfill your need or wish. This method consists of stimulating your brain with "cards" that form patterns. These patterns evoke impulses-feelings.THe starting point here is that you have access to the information and knowledge that you need to live a fulfilled life. 

    The Sensus Patterns are available in a book, printed on canvas, dibond, acrylic glass or Fine art poster, in designed watches or on blankets. In every form the patterns give their energy which you can experience and feel. A proven enrichement for your life! 

    Blue Pattern Framed & Mounted Print

    €60,40 – €247,10

    Blue Pattern Canvas

    €43,93 – €205,92

    SENSUS method - Digital Blue

    €300,00 – €375,00

    SENSUS method - White Panther

    €300,00 – €375,00

    SENSUS method - Classic

    €300,00 – €375,00

    SENSUS method - Blue Leather

    €300,00 – €375,00

    SENSUS method - Archaic Classic

    €300,00 – €375,00
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