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Quiet Times. Stylish Classic Leather Strap Quartz Watch (Gold) Designer watch by Ingrid Hütten

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€69,00 EUR
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€78,00 EUR
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€69,00 EUR

Size Guide


Diameter, mm

Ø 1.3

Ø 1.7

Thickness, mm




  • Levertijd 30 dagen/Delivered in 30 days.
  • Designed For Unisex
  • 3ATM Water-resistance

Classic quartz type provides 3 sizes/colored cases and genuine leather bands, freely choose to suitable for your different daily occasions.


Key Features

 Japanese CITIZEN Movement

Advanced and exquisite Japanese CITIZEN movement provides accurate timing for your daily life occasions.

 Premium Stainless Steel Case

High density 304 stainless steel case, electroplated process to get great glossiness and various colors. No allergy.

 Genuine Leather Bands

Soft genuine leather bands provide a better touch feeling, suitable for long-time wearing.


Adjust/Care Instructions

 SONY 377 SR626SW (1.55V) battery supported, easy to replace, or fix.


 Wipe the dust off gently with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.