Kleintje Kunst. Art in Small Sizes

Kleintje kunst is kunst in klein formaat ( tot 30x40) tot 50,- euro . In de Kleintje Kunst collectie zijn werken van Exceptional Art by Humphrey Isselt en de Mother Nature Photography by Ingrid Hütten.

Art in small sizes is art in small format ( up to 30x40 cm) and small prices, till 50,- euro. Works of Exceptional Art by Humphrey Isselt and  Mother Nature Photography by Ingrid Hütten ar in this collection.

SENSUS STUDIO brings Art, joy
and happiness into your life, with high quality products designed by
Exceptional Art Humphrey Isselt and Mother Nature Photography Ingrid
Hütten. Sensus Studio is initiated by Ingrid Hütten and Humphrey Isselt.
Our purpose is to inspire you and evoke the feeling of happiness and
relaxation into your life . This we do by offering our products,
specially designed by Sensus Studio, wich make you feel special and
exclusive, and by sharing our expertise and experience .

Ingrid is a piano and harp teacher, composer and photographer/designer.
Humphrey is an author, Painting artist/designer and integral coach.

SENSUS is the place where warmth and geniality is, creating room for
development and exchange.

Exhibitions of Exceptional Art and Mother Nature Photography

Sensus method

Workshops, meditation- and sound-concerts.

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